This blog will be a record of my growing collection of obsolete technology.  My collection has now grown to over 30 pieces, mostly of the audio-visual variety, some pieces going back to the early fifties.  My plan is to take pictures and video of each piece, give a bit of history about what it is, a bit of personal history of how I came to acquire it, and then maybe talk a bit about why I think it’s important.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve recently acquired several antique pieces of tech from my grandmother’s estate. The items include 1 Bell & Howell Projector Model 256, 1 Golde Manumatic Slide Projector, and 1 RCA Victor Orthophonic high fidelity recorder. I really appreciate the info you’ve posted on the slide projector!

    I was wondering if you might like to add the recorder to the museum collection? I’d be happy to donate it if you’d be willing to cover the cost of shipping. Please feel free to email me if you’re interested!


  2. We have a GoldE Manumatic slide projector. Do you have any interest, it know anyone who might want (SN 72852)? We don’t have a bulb, but when you turn it in, it seems to work. If not, any idea if who might like to buy one for nostalgia sake?

  3. My father left me his Gold E Blower Cooled Manumatic Slide Projector Model #300-P-1042 Ser#47469. It’s in perfect condition, works great and has carry case and slide case with over 1000 slide’s which were taken with a 35 mm camera in Peru and Bolivia in 1948 – 1951. Most of the pictures are of old Inca ruins, mountain and jungle areas.

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