So a funny thing happened on the way to my blog…

It’s always a bad sign when a blog goes dark for more than a month, and it’s even sadder when the last blog is one celebrating all the new posts that will be coming very very soon.  And then silence.

Good news, everyone, I’m now breaking the silence and going to try and get back on track.  I was attempting too much too quickly which led me to having way too many half-finished posts I never posted and a few videos that never went anywhere.  The weight of all I had left to complete ultimately led to me completing nothing at all.   Fortunately I now have a quicker and more efficient way of doing my photos for the blog and so I’m hoping it’ll give me the edge I need to get posting again.  I easily have thirty or forty more items that haven’t appeared on here in any form whatsoever.

So with that, keep an eye out for this weekend when I hope to get the new year started.  (better late than never!)


2 thoughts on “So a funny thing happened on the way to my blog…

  1. yay you’re back! I understand completely….my mind is always swirling with possible posts….but few of them make it to the blog……looking forward to seeing more of your outdated technology gems! ;)

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