Referral Wednesday: Music edition

Writing about music in yesterday’s Walkman post set me thinking about music that I love, and how it’s been impacted by technology.  Since I started working with video editing I’ve fallen deeply in love with instrumental music.  There’s a moment when you’re selecting music to use for a particular video that things just click and the music becomes connected to the images in a magical way.  I think one of the reasons I enjoy editing so much is creating those moments.  And this has increased my love of music that has heart and passion without the need for words.

Here are two of my current favorite artists, both of whom are strongly impacted by technology, new and old.

Ólafur Arnalds ( is an Icelandic composer who mixes classical style orchestrations with electronic instruments.  He’s like a slightly more approachable Sigur Ros.  I was originally introduced to him through this video:

It was referred to in an article about particle generation in 3D design, but the music was so captivating I looked up more of his work.  Some of his work gets rather experimental, but he never fully abandons himself to noise, and there’s always a beautiful core to all of his work.

I think his most moving piece is 3055.

It’s the central climax of his Eulogy for Evolution album.  The entire album is one complete whole and all the songs are titled by the time stamp they start at (this one starts 30:55 through the album), although each song also exists quite well on its own.  Woody Allen says in Annie Hall that he doesn’t like Wagner because it always makes him feel like conquering Poland–3055 has a similar, albeit less sinister, effect–it makes me want to conquer life.  In a good way.

The other artist is General Fuzz (  I stumbled across him while looking for chiptune music to use in a video.  He describes his music as “”lush melodic instrumental electronica” which is a pretty good description.  It doesn’t rely on a heavy beat as much as some electronica, and it’s much more directed and melodic than trance or dance–which I think is what I love about it.  I’ve done several videos for weddings and I always go first to his stuff as so many of his pieces are ambient enough to not detract from the video, but catchy and emotive enough to be memorable.  I used one of my favorite pieces of his in my Apple IIe video I posted earlier.  Many of his songs are free for download on his site, although you can also send a donation if you want.  My recommendations to start listening are his Cool Aberrations, Soulful Filling, and Miles Tones albums.  Here is a video I did using is song “cream”:


One thought on “Referral Wednesday: Music edition

  1. I really really enjoy the music that you find to add to your videos, there is such an incredible flow. I just watched the Canada Day, and now I’m off to watch The Last Fisherman! Thanks for posting!

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