Referral Wednesday

When I began my collection of obsolete technology it was very scattershot.  I acquired items either because I had personal memories associated with them or else I liked their design or I simply was in the right place and the right time to get a good deal.  It became obvious very quickly that if I didn’t narrow my focus I would soon become overwhelmed with old tech.  And so I started to weed out some items from my ‘to-find’ lists.  One of the first categories to go was old video game systems.  It wasn’t because of a lack of interest in the subject, but rather I realized that collecting old game systems is both a money-sink and a massive topic that would quickly consume all my collecting.  On top of that, there are already plenty of old game sites online that are doing a much better job at writing about old systems than I ever could.  I do have an NES, N64, and original Xbox in my collection that I might get around to adding to this site, but that will be in a more personal nostalgic way and won’t be a thorough discussion of them at all.

And since this won’t be the only area that I will be keeping from going too deep on, I’ve created Referral Wednesdays, where I will refer you to other places that I enjoy that will be able to handle certain topics in way more depth than I ever could.

Here are four good places to go if you are interested in reading, watching or listening to discussions of retro gaming (FYI: some of these sites or podcasts have language that may not be appropriate for children.  You have been warned.).

Chrontendo — This is a blog of a guy who decided to play every single NES game ever published.  He releases video summaries of every game along with interesting discussion of what was going on in gaming history during the lifetime of the NES.

Retronauts — This is both a blog and a podcast hosted by 1UP.  They discuss the full swath of retro gaming, and because it’s all about old stuff, you can listen to the older podcasts without feeling they’ve aged much.

Retro Gaming Roundup — This is primarily a podcast that focuses on the arcade and pinball scene.  It gets super detailed about maintenance of cabinets and tables (another area of collection that can get expensive and all-consuming very quickly)

Giant Bomb (platforms page) — The worlds largest editable video game database.  I’ve linked to the platforms page, although you can search by game or system or concept or name.



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